Zinc Alloy wire for spraying

Basic Info

Model No.: Zn85Al15

Product Description

Product Introduce:

Zinc Alloy wires are manufactured of Special High Grade Zinc 99,995 % and alloy elements meeting the relevant standards. Zinc Aluminum Alloy wire ZnAl15 is usually product,The quantity is biggest in our factory . other alloys are available on request. The standard diameters of the wire are 0.8 – 4.8 mm (according to EN ISO 14919:2001). Other diameters are available according to the customers needs.The alloy wires are available in spools, coils or drums.


Product packing:

1.plastic spool:10kg-25kg/spool

2.drum packing:20kg-250kg/drum

3.bundle packing:5kg-40kg/bundle


Product Characters:

1. Zinc Aluminum alloy coatings have similar stability with spraying aluminum coatings and the electrochemical protection as well as spraying zinc coating, zinc aluminum alloy coating is an ideal anticorrosion protective coating of sea water.


2. Compared with the zinc wire and pure aluminum wire, it's coating has coherence, the resistance to wear and corrosion resistivity is better as well as the construction of superior performance. The zinc aluminum alloy wire makes the sacrifice anode and sprays coating in the steel and iron component surface layerand it make the component service life lengthen 5-10 times


Application Fields:

Applicable to ductile pipes, power, capacitors, power towel, towel, container,derrick, bridges gate, tunnel framework,metal stents, large steel structure surface thermal spraying zinc corrosion protection industry.

 Zinc alloy wire