Electrical round Aluminum wire 99.96%min

Basic Info

Model No.: LGAS-1

Product Description

Product Introdution:

LGAS-1 is widely used in vacuum aluminum laminated foil and zinc

aluminum film. LGAS-2 aluminum wire is suitable for the metal spraying of the end face of small patch capacitor with sound adhesive force.

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Product specification:

Diameter: ф0.8mm~ф2.0mm

Purity: 99.96%min

Product packing: 1-2kgs(spool packing) 

Product Features:

1)Low impurity contents (especially, the contents of main detrimental impurities Fe is low).

2)The surface is smooth and clean without bubble, burr or other defects

3)The mechanical property and surface quality are highly uniform.


Application Fields: 

Products are widely used in such fields as: vacuum plating aluminum film, electrical instruments, electronics, home appliances, wire and cable industry, building decoration industry, hardware decoration industry, IT computer industry, advertising decoration industry and so on.

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