Aluminium wire 99.7%min spool

Product Description

Product Introdution:

We use perfect Aluminium ingot and adopt advanced production technology to control the quality  strictly.We insure that there is no break wire,no break beginning and end of wire happened,Th surface of the wire is smooth,clear and without imperfection of oil stain,foreign inclusion,sand buckle and crack,The product comfort to environment requiremetn of Europe and UAA,Such ad RoHS and REACH

Product specification:

Diameter: ф0.8mm~ф6.0mm

Purity: 99.96%min and 99.7%min

Product packing: 1-13kgs(spool packing) 

                       50-80kgs(drum packing)

Application Fields: 

99.96%min purity is widely used in vacuum aluminium laminated foil and zinc aluminium film.

99.7% min purtity is suitable for the metal spraying of the end face of small patch capacitor with sound adhesive force.

As a perfect anti-corrosion materials,It is appropriate for acid environment,and it is widely used in the area of spraying coat and anti-corrosion,like steel microstructure anti-corrosion,wind and electric turbines frame,bridge,sluice gate,oil pipe on sea,offing steel pole,oil tank,shipping....

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